Diamond, as a tradition and effective safekeeping of property, has been used for centuries. It has always been a combination of beauty and high value. Currently, 7% of the funds of the population of the European Union are being invested in diamonds as an investment manner due to the constant price growth. Gift a blister – a precious diamond, which you can customize to the personality of the person and the intended occasion.

If you buy a blister, 10% of the money you pay will be donated to the Institute for Children's Diseases of the Clinical Center of Montenegro. None of the precious decorative items is a holder of so many symbolic meanings such as a diamond. After multi-decades of global craze for diamond jewellery, gifting an independent diamond today is definitely "in".


What is BLISTER?

BLISTER at the very least, cause a surprise at the person to whom it is addressed to, and is characterized by exquisite elegance - sealed in the banking package. It is a small but precious stone and is stamped in a box that is designed with high style. You can engrave a dedication that you want. Nothing more durable and more valuable you can afford such a gift to the person who deserves it. BLISTER is enough personalized gift to show all your commitment to the recipient and enough special to mark the importance of the moment and the gift receiver.  Such a gift choice tells a lot about the person who selected it. However, the real pleasure in this kind of gift will have a gift taker. It will be up to the gift taker how to use it. It can be kept as a diamond itself and leave it to someone in heritage, or, in future, it can be incorporated into jewellery: a ring, a necklace, earrings, cuff links, etc.

How to select an appropriate BLISTER?

Round brilliant cut is by far the most popular way of cutting a diamond that gives this precious stone a perfect shine. It was needed more than a hundred years to achieve this shape that best highlights all the characteristics of a diamond by using advanced theories of light behaviour and precise mathematical calculations. As for the other parameters that determine the quality of the diamond, known as 4C (cut, colour, clarity, carat weight), we tried to choose for you the best, and considering the relationship between price and quality. Surely, with BLISTER you get a certificate whereby all of this is just confirmed.  You only need to select the Carat weight and decide what kind of dedication you want to be engraved. Please have in mind to be unique when gifting it. Just like the occasion and a person whom you think about.